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Signage making from Drauf & Dran

Welcome to your specialist for printing services! We do everything we can to bring your ideas to film. Or on paper. Or on PVC banners. Or...

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Printing services

Whatever you want to print, Drauf & Dran makes it possible.
We offer you a wide range of materials and technologies.


The world of films is wide. Films are used in every area. For advertising on vehicles, on shops, on walls and furniture, on facades, on glass surfaces for decoration and advertising, for protection or for colour change. There is hardly anything that we have not yet foiled. Let's talk about your wishes.


We print banners on PVC, mesh or textile using the digital printing process. Of course, we also take care of the finishing. Eyelets, sewing or hems. Your wish is our concern.

We print almost everything

Films are an incredible material. The toughness and tear resistance combined with transparency lead to an incredibly wide range of applications. Talk to us and we will be happy to advise you on your needs.


Have you chosen your wallpaper in the sample catalogue so far? Now we offer you another option. Design your wallpaper yourself. We print your design or design and print according to your wishes. A picture of your last holiday or bring your favourite car into your room. Everything is possible.


Do you need posters in small print runs? Whether for outdoor or indoor use - we have the solution. Fast!

Adhesive foils

Everyone knows them. Many already use them. But what you can really do with foil, you can find out here...

Adhesive films are available for a wide variety of applications. Adhesive film for car lettering or adhesive film for shop windows are only examples of areas of application for our adhesive films. Each area of application for adhesive films requires a special adhesive film.

The right choice of adhesive film according to adhesive strength is decisive for a perfect result. We pay attention to the UV resistance of the adhesive film as well as the processing possibilities and its removability.

Door foiling

Do something new. Design your doors. Get creative. We help you to realise your creation. 

Shop window

Vacancy stickers, shop window design, individually planned, designed and implemented according to your wishes. 


A full car or lorry revolving is something for professionals. We have often shown what expertise we have. 

Foil banner

No matter what you have to advertise. We will find the right presentation variant and the appropriate medium.

Laser - more than light

We are a service company in the field of laser engraving and laser marking. We inscribe and engrave for customers from industry, trade and commerce. Whether for large series, small series or individual part production - we are happy to provide you with advice and assistance.

Laser marking

Since the marking is not applied to the material but is located within the material, a permanent marking is created that cannot be removed even with the use of liquids or solvents.

The laser control allows the marking to be individually adapted, so that even small batch sizes or individual parts can be produced economically. Unlike other marking processes, the process does not require special clamping devices, printing plates, chemical inks or similar.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is similar to laser marking with the exception that targeted removal of the base material occurs during engraving.

Typical applications are functional engravings of metals (tool moulds, embossing dies) or the creation of type plates made of anodised aluminium or stainless steel.

Laser marking can be used to mark almost any material: metals, plastics, stone, lacquer coatings, etc.


Milling offers a wide range of possibilities for designing products and advertising materials. Geometric shapes such as letters or numbers can be made from a wide variety of materials.

2D or 3D

Depending on the material, milling creates an impressive 2D or 3D advertising presence that can also be illuminated.

Design and decorate your business premises with a milled logo, lettering, with single letters or all kinds of meaningful symbols.

Variety material

The flatbed cutter offers us several options to fulfil your wishes.

Materials such as wood, acrylic or Plexiglas can be finished quickly and easily.

Larger products or projects up to 1.50 metres can also be milled.

Signs - Banners - Panels

The latest machines make it possible: in digital direct printing, almost any motif - from photo to multi-coloured graphic - can be realised in large format.

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Drauf & Dran assembles for you throughout Europe - no matter what it is. Our installation teams are specialists. Your wishes and ideas can be realised quickly, professionally and on the basis of many years of experience.

We make you fit
for your success

No matter what you have in mind. Together we will find the ideal solution for you.

Efficient and cost-relevant.

Sales facilities

Sales facilities cost money. Unfortunately, they are often exposed to heavy loads in day-to-day business. Scratches, dents or even severe deformations quickly make freezers, cash register equipment, counters, window profiles, doors and entrance areas look unsightly.

The classic repair and remodelling with roller and paint needs long standing times for good coverage and is usually only possible during remodelling work or at night. With proeq films, Drauf und Dran offers a solution for renovation or colour remodelling that can largely be carried out during shop opening hours and delivers a perfect result.

If desired, the work can be supplemented with dent removal and filling.


We are specialised in assembly. Our teams work for you throughout Europe. No matter whether trucks, cars, glass surfaces or chain store fittings. You need the rollout of stand-up displays, displays or a poster campaign.

As a specialist company, we carry out your orders on schedule.

Our quality management records and documents all work carried out. We carry out repair work within 48 hours.

Of course, we produce according to your wishes.