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Foilings from Drauf & Dran

Drauf und Dran has been a service provider for vehicle fleets and retail chains for many years. We install nationwide and on request Europe-wide.

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Vehicle wraps

Both the production of the foils used and the installation are carried out by us as a specialized company.

Foiling in perfection

Drauf und Dran has been a service provider for vehicle fleets and retail chains for many years. We install nationwide and on request Europe-wide.

Trouble free assembly

Our fitters are experienced in the trouble-free installation of foils during ongoing business operations. Of course, we also undertake night conversions.


We take care of the foiling and documentation for your company at your locations. As a service provider, we adapt to your needs.

Custom made products

You have a special vehicle body, truck trailer, boat, yacht or something similarly special and want to foil it for a specific purpose?


From the coffee machine to the show trailer, we have already successfully implemented many things. We would be happy to fulfill your ideas as well.

More than foil

No matter whether individual production or fleet foiling. Every vehicle is unique for us. Consistently high quality is important to us. After all, it is your investment.

Facade foiling

An attractive exterior and long-term value retention of your building is important. Facade coatings from Drauf & Dran.

With our innovative coating concepts for exterior and interior, we support you in realizing your claim to an aesthetic and long-lasting appearance. Immerse yourself in the world of facade finishing and be inspired by the variety of possibilities.

Revitualization of your buildings

An energetic and optical revitalization works. Conventional exterior painting with varnish or paint is not always the best solution.

Our innovative foliation solutions add value to your property through aesthetics and function - especially when revitalizing existing properties.

Always the right tone

Always the right toneColorful accents are in vogue. Recoloring of window profiles, for example for chain stores, can be implemented quickly and changed at any time.

We only use high-quality films from renowned manufacturers. That's why we have a wide range of colors and surfaces available, which are also color-stable for years.

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A wall for any weather

Facade film is a conformable, cast premium film made of PVC.

It can be applied to straight and slightly curved surfaces, where it remains stable in shape and appearance for up to ten years, despite the effects of weather.

Facade foiling
for the interior...

...and there are hardly any limits to creativity. With digitally printed facade films for indoor use, you can turn your objects into unique points of sale.

We design your walls, floor and ceiling.

No matter if they are made of concrete, plaster, tiles, wood or glass. Films from 3M® are suitable for any application. Or we work with stencil films and brush your motif with paint directly onto the ceiling or wall.

Different transparent and translucent films allow many color plays on glass panels. Likewise, there are many colors for glass films that can be used to recreate the sandblast effect.

DINOC films from 3M® are available in almost any texture such as woods, stones, carbon and colors. It's a great way to give old surfaces a new look. Want to turn an exposed concrete wall into a classy natural stone wall?

Lake Maggiore on your 6 x 3m swimming pool wall?

We can do it, thanks to digital printing.

Sun protection

Comfort and savings, coupled with a very special aesthetic. Sun protection films from Drauf & Dran.

Thermal insulation

Especially in midsummer, interiors can heat up considerably due to solar radiation. You don't want to spend the whole day with the blinds down either.

Sun protection films measurably improve the energy balance of buildings.

Burglary protection

For every ten burglars, on average seven enter the house through the window or a French door. A burglary protection film makes it more difficult to break!

To additionally secure the windows with foils should therefore be worth a thought for everyone.

UV protection for the car

Our interior installation sunscreen films are of the highest quality. The solar control films are clearly the best in terms of optical clarity, appearance, durability and color stability.

Advantages such as: UV protection, heat protection, privacy protection, glare protection, splinter protection and individual tinting degree.

Privacy screen

Fulfill the demand for privacy of your employees and incidentally create atmosphere with decorative privacy films on glass and partition walls.

Subsequent application is possible at any time. The films can be mounted either completely or partially on glass.


Above all, energy for cooling and heating are cost drivers. This makes it all the more important for building owners to optimize these costs with all possible means.

Solar shading through filming on glass surfaces offers the possibility of reducing the cooling load for air conditioning systems and thus saving money.

Bird Protection

We can all do something for the protection of species and the environment and at the same time protect our own investments. This is a win-win situation, so to speak!

Protection from bird strike

The transparent window film reduces the risk of collision for birds - without disturbing the view for people

Reflective UV protection

Almost transparent window film with special coating, which makes window surfaces visible to birds. The window film is highly effective against bird window collisions, the function has been scientifically tested.

Proven effectiveness

Independent studies showed: When birds flew from a flight tunnel towards differently prepared glass surfaces, up to 94.4% of them did not fly in front of the pane with the bird protection film. 

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Furniture foiling

It doesn't always have to be "NEW" right away. You like your furniture, it is still in perfect condition and you would like to continue using it and only the look & feel is outdated?

We foil your furniture according to your wishes and ideas. A new way for a new look


A uniform appearance is important for store operators. Repeated print products, guidance systems, outdoor advertising or displays must be identical in colors. Rollouts and installations must be carried out on schedule and in high quality.

Drauf und Dran is the right partner for this as a service provider. An extensive machine park and equipment allow for short-term and extensive executions.


You no longer like your kitchen or living room, but do not want to make a huge investment in new furniture? Then you have three jokers with a foiling. You have almost new furniture, save money and also protect the environment.

The choice of foils is extremely versatile. Our qualified personnel will install this foil in a short time at your place. No dirt, no rebuilding and "new furniture" in your desired design in a very short time.