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Offer or order processing

Would you like to request a quote or submit data for an order?

Simply use this form to transmit your request or data. Possible files are:

.jpg, .png, .tif, .PDF (preferred), .ai, .eps, cdr

Please note:
The maximum possible upload size is limited to 64 MB.

If you are already a partner, you can use our file management tool. This way you will have access to your data in the future. Please request the access data with this form.

Alternatively, you can use the MyAirBridge service. Here you can transfer up to 2 GB free of charge. Simply send us the download code with this form.

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Please note the following information on data processing and data transmission. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will then find a joint solution with you.


Ideally, you should provide us with your print data as a printable PDF.

No transparencies can be cut with pixel formats. Please note that it is not sufficient to save pixel graphics in vector programmes. There is no conversion in this case. Every line in the rough view means a cut with the cutting plotter into the foil. Therefore, please remove all unnecessary contours.

Test: Enlarge your motif - if the lines become pixelated, it is not a vector file.

Data handling

Ideally, you should provide us with your print data as a printable PDF.

Adobe PDF
Adobe Illustrator from CS5
Adobe Photoshop from CS5
Corel Draw as of X4
EPS files


We recommend that you supply data in a pixel resolution of at least 300dpi (pixels/inch) with a 1:1 representation in order to achieve optimum results.

TIFF (CMYK or greyscale)
JPG (save with maximum quality and baseline (standard))


  • Thick lines or contours cannot be cut,
    These must be converted into areas.

  • In the case of open files, be sure to include all images (links) and fonts used (please only send the required data).

  • Delete unused fonts and images from the document Create the document in final size.
    Please indicate colour values, otherwise we will print according to your template.

  • For the printing of special colours (Pantone or HKS) we absolutely need open data and the Pantone or HKS value.

    We are also happy to help you with the correct delivery of vector data or images.
    we are also happy to assist you.
    To ensure colour accuracy, we will be happy to create a proof for you at an additional charge.


The minimum line thickness
is 1.25 mm


Fonts should not be smaller than 6 mm in height. Please convert fonts into paths before data delivery. This is the only way to ensure correct display.

We do not replace fonts and do not search for substitute fonts.


Colours should always be supplied in CMYK colour mode! Colours such as RAL, HKS, Pantone are special colours and can only be represented approximately in digital printing.

Here, it is advisable to send us a colour-accurate printout. For data without indication of the colour values, we cannot guarantee colour accuracy.

To ensure colour accuracy, we are happy to create a proof for you at an additional charge.